Embedding = Sustainable Results

We recently worked with an inside sales team on how to shift reactive behaviours and become more proactive by identifying and qualifying new opportunities on both inbound and outbound customer calls. The team embraced the skills tools and techniques in the session and left us feeling confident motivated and eager to engage clients in more interesting productive and client centric conversations.

I had a call with the sales managers yesterday to discuss the measured uplifts post training which were off the charts!

We discussed the key elements to this success? Firstly the quality of the bespoke content and the delivery style ranked highly. importantly the sales managers shared that it was the ability we had given them to provide competent ongoing coaching to support their teams that has shifted behaviours over the longer term to embed the skills and increase the revenue figures so handsomely.

As Peter Drucker states, “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

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