This page should really be retitled “About You” because everything we do revolves around you and not us. It’s about you, your business, your people, your culture and your market challenges.

Our Story.

However you probably looked here because you want to know a little more “About Us” so let me share. I’m Sue Hetherington and I have worked in sales and senior leadership roles for almost 30 years. One day as a sales director in a highly commoditised and price driven environment my then CEO set me a challenge to “improve margins and make more profit, fast”.

Some of the challenges we were facing?

  • Price driven conversations
  • Struggling to differentiate in a commoditised market
  • No consistent sales approach, too reliant on relationships

After benchmarking the skill set of my sales team the analysis showed we were poor around questioning and opportunity qualification, impacting our ability to control and manage sales pipeline.

The Results – Practical, Sustainable Sales Training was the solution

Within 9 months of the training we delivered the target set by my CEO. The legacy was a sales team with the confidence, motivation and structure to build value, be proactive, engage stakeholders at a higher level and avoid selling on price.

Inspired by Results

The impact of applying simple yet practical sales skills led me to work for a leading UK-based sales development business before creating Indigo Sales Performance in 2017.

We will understand your business 

Understanding your commercial objectives versus your current reality allows us to collaboratively tailor a practical, flexible and agile training solution to bridge the skill gap to achieve your commercial goals.

We offer practical collaboration

We will collaborate with you, sometimes challenge you and most certainly expect you to set us targets so together we can measure your return on investment for every training we deliver for you.

Our trainers are sellers first, trainers second. 

We will always put a credible business leader with the correct aligned sales or sales management experience in front of your delegate audience able to share current real life scenarios allowing delegates to apply tools and techniques to their own role rapidly.

We would love to learn more about how we could partner with you so contact us for an initial discussion.