How sales training saved my job

It was whilst I was working as a sales director in a highly commoditised and price driven manufacturing environment that my then CEO set me a challenge during one of our monthly Board meetings.  Whilst operationally our facilities were operating at maximum capacity my CEO wanted me to increase profit margins. Now, just checking, but did you get the part when I said earlier that this was a hugely commoditised, competitive, price driven environment where every sale focussed around a price conversation? I left the Board meeting knowing that in order to make more profit I needed a new plan. I remember sitting back at my desk trying to create a strategy that would make my CEO more money. I needed to transform our sales process and I needed some help to do it quickly and effectively.

So, I reached out to some sales training providers for inspiration. Long story short, within 9 months of that Board meeting I delivered an uplift in profit of 28%. The uplift was a result of a sales and management training programme built around my business needs, my sales and commercial team, my key challenges and my commercial goals. I experienced first-hand as a delegate how powerful and effective both sales and management training can be. The experience inspired me to create a training and development company so that I can help others to achieve sales success.

Our team have all been on the other side of the table, your side of the table. We have faced the same sales challenges and we have conquered them. We want to help you achieve your commercial objectives.  Our bespoke training solutions delivered by our team of experienced sales practitioners are light on theory and heavy on practical application, meaning we shift sales behaviours long term by turning learning in to doing, and doing it around the delegates day to day role.

Whatever your challenge or commercial objective we can build a bespoke and tailored solution for you and your business returning a fast return on investment to ultimately make your investment cost neutral.

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