Embedding = Sustainable Results

We recently worked with an inside sales team on how to shift reactive behaviours and become more proactive by identifying and qualifying new opportunities on both inbound and outbound customer calls. The team embraced the skills tools and techniques in the session and left us feeling confident motivated and eager to engage clients in more interesting productive and client centric conversations. Continue reading Embedding = Sustainable Results

It’s all about my strengths, isn’t it or is it?

“So how many strengths make me strong?’ One of my coachees posed this question last week as were working through her responses to a strengths based psychometric. As I reflected after the session, it got me thinking about the benefits but also the pressure we might put ourselves under to be more than we are, especially in a world where needing to be more, have more, get more is increasingly expected and important. Continue reading It’s all about my strengths, isn’t it or is it?